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Pharma Franchise For Dry Syrup Range – As Dry Syrup makes syrup portable as well as secure in various ways, its demand is increasing more and more with every passing day. To date, Cohiba Pharmaceuticals is conceived as the company offering the Top Pharma Franchise For Dry Syrup Range in India. Seeing the increasing demand for various pediatric products that is expected to reach around 26.31 billion by 2028, Cohiba our ISO-accredited company is here with the best range of Dry Syrup for all.

As per experts, it has been said that Dry Syrup Range in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 15.3%, and thus investing in this range by way of a Pharma Franchise For Dry Syrup Range is one of the best options an individual can opt for. Cohiba Pharmaceuticals guarantees to offer the best Dry Syrups range For the Pharma Franchise business in India. We are capable of delivering a whole kind of Dry Syrup with ease to all linked partners.

All of our products are packaged in bottles and airtight containers allowing us to ensure that the end client gets what they really need from us. Being superior in our work, we guarantee that we’ll deliver the best possible results to the end client in the way of the PCD Pharma Franchise For Dry Syrup Range. All of our team members are working with strong determination in all aspects to make sure only the best possible deals are being given to all by our end.

So if you are interested in joining hands with us in regards to the Pharma Franchise For Dry Syrup Range in India, then call us at +91 7302256783 or just write us a mail at cohibapharma@gmail.com. Our team will get back to you soon in almost no time.


Increasing Demand For Dry Syrup Range In India

It’s not just that the demand for the Dry Syrup range has increased in the last few years. The reality is that it is rising a lot for a couple of years. Plus we all know that the demand for various kinds of pediatric products is already rising a lot. Thus investing in the dry syrup range for the Pharma Franchise business has a huge scope. Plus being sweet in nature, Syrups offer a lot of benefits for all such as can be consumed easily by kids and children very easily.

Over the last few years, it has been seen that there has been a rise of around 20% in the demand for all categories of dry syrups in India. An overall 20% rise in the demand has been seen over the last few years and thus people are becoming more interested in entering the pharma franchise business, especially by the way of Dry Syrup Range. Plus the investment required to enter the pharma field is also quite low and thus its scope is increasing much further also.

Have a look at some facts about why it is the best option to opt for the Dry Syrup range in India.

-India caters to over 50% of the global demand for various medications.

-India ranks 3rd and 14th in the world for pharmaceutical production by volume and value, respectively.

-The Indian domestic pharmaceutical market is expected to grow to US$65 billion by 2024.

-The global market for cough syrups was valued at US$5,232 million in 2019.

-The cough syrup market is projected to reach US$6,108 million by 2027 at a CAGR of 2.8%.

-The global cough syrup market showed moderate growth during 2015-2020.

Best Quality Dry Syrup Medications Offered By Cohiba Pharmaceuticals

Cohiba Pharmaceuticals assures the delivery of the finest range of dry syrups in India, certified by both GMP and ISO. Our product range comprises only the latest molecules approved by the DCGI. Apart from offering top-notch products and services, we also prioritize providing effective marketing strategies to our partners and distributors, offering them exclusive distribution rights across different regions of India. We process and deliver all orders within 24 hours, without any delays or damage.

Our company follows strict rules and regulations for the proper production of every medicine, and we keep our associates up-to-date with product manuals and information updates. Additionally, we offer a broad spectrum of other medicinal ranges such as Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gelatin Caps, Drops, Dry Syrup, Gel, Suspension, Syrup, and much more that cater to the Indian Pharmaceutical market in depth. Connect with our Pharma Franchise Company for Dry Syrups and establish your own name in the market.

Cohiba Pharmaceuticals Brings You The Widest Range Of Quality Dry Syrups

The involvement that we have in our process of packing, storing, and delivering dry syrups is based on a fully pure production process allowing us to surpass the expectations of all the linked parties that are working with us in regard to the dry syrup franchise business in India. The most optimal use of all kinds of resources is made by us allowing us to take advantage of them and to make sure that none of the same is getting wasted in any manner whatsoever happens.

Multiple issues are dealt with by us in all aspects allowing us to satisfy all the needs and requirements of society. Being a professional name in the pharma sector has allowed us to offer the best dry syrup range for all. All sorts of dry syrup-related demands are covered by us which has allowed us to partner with some of the most experienced partners in the industry. The most ultra-advanced manufacturing settings, as well as distribution mechanisms, are being used by us in the best manners so that we can deliver the best possible dry syrup range by the way of PCD Pharma Franchise in India.

Have a look at some of the offerings that we have to give as the top Pharma Dry Syrups PCD Company.

S No. Brand Name Composition
1 BolsoClav Amoxycillin 200mg & Potassium Clavulanate 28.5mg Oral Suspension IP
2 BolsoClav-Duo Amoxycillin 400mg & Potassium Clavulanate 57mg Oral Suspension IP
3 Bolsofix Cefixime 50mg Oral Suspension
4 Twigpod-Duo Cefpodoxime Proxetil 100mg Oral Suspension
5 Twigpod Cefpodoxime Proxetil 50mg Oral Suspension IP

Benefits Of Choosing Cohiba Pharmaceuticals As The Best Company For Dry Syrup Range In India

The experience that we have in this industry is fully visible in the execution that is done by us. The growth that has been experienced in the pharma industry hasn’t gone unseen by anyone. And thus investing in the Dry Syrup Range For Pharma Franchise Business is one of the most vital decisions one can ever make.

Being an authorized pharma company dealing in multiple ranges, we are able to understand all kinds of needs and requirements that society has in regard to various pharma ranges. We have made sure to carry on all kinds of production work in duly certified plants that allow us to follow all kinds of marketing parameters also. Have a look at some of the benefits one can avail of by getting linked with us and considering us the top partner offering the Pharmaceutical Dry Syrup for the PCD Franchise business.

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