Mefenamic Acid 100mg & Paracetamol 250mg Suspension

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Composition: Mefenamic Acid 100mg & Paracetamol 250mg Suspension


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Mefenamic acid 100mg and paracetamol 250mg suspension is a medication used for pain relief and fever reduction. Mefenamic acid belongs to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) class, alleviating pain and inflammation. Paracetamol, an analgesic and antipyretic, works to lower fever and ease mild to moderate pain. This suspension combines the benefits of both drugs to provide effective relief from various ailments, making it a commonly prescribed choice for managing discomfort and fever in appropriate doses for adults and children. However, it’s essential to follow recommended dosages and consult a healthcare professional before use.

Beneifts of Using Mefenamic Acid & Paracetamol Suspension

Mefenamic acid 100mg & Paracetamol 250mg Suspension offers potent pain relief and fever reduction. Mefenamic acid, an NSAID, alleviates inflammation, making it effective for conditions like menstrual cramps and muscle pain. Paracetamol, an analgesic, efficiently lowers fever and addresses mild to moderate pain. The combination enhances pain management by tackling multiple pathways. It provides quick relief from a variety of ailments, including headaches, body aches, and fever. Moreover, the suspension form ensures easy administration, especially for individuals with difficulty swallowing pills. However, cautious use and adherence to recommended dosages are vital to mitigate potential side effects.

How to Use Mefenamic Acid & Paracetamol Suspension

To use Mefenamic Acid 100mg & Paracetamol 250mg Suspension, follow prescribed guidelines. Shake the bottle well before use to ensure an even mixture. Measure the appropriate dosage using the provided measuring device. Generally, for adults, the usual dose is 5ml (one teaspoonful) every 6 hours, as needed for pain or fever. For children, the dosage is based on their age and weight, following the doctor’s instructions carefully. Avoid exceeding the recommended dose to prevent adverse effects. Take the suspension with or after food to reduce the risk of stomach upset. If unsure, consult a healthcare professional for precise dosing instructions.

How Mefenamic Acid & Paracetamol Suspension Works

Mefenamic Acid 100mg & Paracetamol 250mg Suspension works through a dual mechanism. Mefenamic acid, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), inhibits enzymes (COX-1 and COX-2) involved in prostaglandin production, reducing pain and inflammation. It targets specific chemicals causing discomfort. Paracetamol, an analgesic and antipyretic, also inhibits prostaglandin synthesis in the brain, reducing fever and mild to moderate pain perception. The combination amplifies the pain-relieving and fever-reducing effects, offering effective relief. However, caution is necessary to avoid excessive dosage and potential side effects, ensuring the medication’s safety and efficacy. Always follow prescribed guidelines and consult a healthcare professional for proper usage.

Precautions While Using Mefenamic Acid & Paracetamol Suspension

When using Mefenamic Acid 100mg and paracetamol 250mg Suspension, exercise caution and adhere to precautions for safety. Avoid this medication if allergic to its components or other NSAIDs. Inform your healthcare provider about any medical conditions, especially gastrointestinal issues or kidney problems, as it might aggravate these conditions. Refrain from consuming alcohol during treatment to reduce the risk of adverse effects. Prolonged use might harm the liver or kidneys, necessitating regular monitoring. Do not exceed prescribed dosages and frequency to prevent potential harm. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult a doctor before usage. Overall, follow medical advice and guidelines for safe and effective use.

Side Effects of Using Mefenamic Acid & Paracetamol Suspension

Mefenamic Acid 100mg & Paracetamol 250mg Suspension might induce side effects. Common gastrointestinal issues include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and indigestion. It can lead to allergic reactions like skin rash, itching, or swelling, requiring immediate medical attention. Prolonged use might harm the liver and kidneys, causing potential damage. In some cases, it might elevate blood pressure, trigger headaches, or induce dizziness. If black stools, severe stomach pain, or signs of bleeding occur, seek medical help. Individuals with a history of ulcers, heart conditions, or asthma should exercise caution. It’s crucial to promptly report any unusual symptoms to a healthcare professional.


Q1. What is mefenamic acid 100mg?

Ans. Mefenamic acid is a nonsteroidal antigens. inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for pain and inflammation relief.

Q2. What is paracetamol 250mg?

Ans. Paracetamol is a common pain and fever reliever, also known as acetaminophen, used for mild to moderate pain.

Q3. What is the purpose of the suspension?

Ans. The suspension combines mefenamic acid and paracetamol to provide pain and fever relief in a liquid form.

Q4. How is the suspension administered?

Ans. The suspension is usually administered orally according to the prescribed dosage, typically using a measuring device provided.

Q5. Are there any precautions or side effects?

Ans. Precautions include avoiding alcohol; side effects may include gastrointestinal issues, allergic reactions, or liver problems. Consult a healthcare professional.

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